Ogham Silver Pendant - Large

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This elegant silver pendant is inspired by the numerous Ogham inscribed standing stones of Ireland.  Your personalized inscription is carved in the ancient Ogham alphabet which has been in use in Ireland for at least 1,700 years.

This beautiful piece of Irish Jewelry with its unique attachment to Ireland and our ancient past makes its a perfect symbol  for those looking for a connection with this ancient heritage.

Our handcrafted pendants can be engraved with your name, or a message up to 12 characters, in the original Ogham script.This unique and special piece comes with an 18 inch chain, a leaflet to explain the history of the Ogham script and an Ogham alphabet for you or the recipient to read the engraving.

 Read more about Ogham

Size: 3.5cm long x 0.6cm wide

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