Our Story & The Original Ogham Jewelry

Our Story 

The Iconic De Staic Family Jewelry Business: A Story of Quality and Elegance

Brian and Máiréad founded their now-well known family jewelry business in the Dingle Gaeltacht in 1981. Their collection of one-of-a-kind miniature works of art, featuring quality and elegance, has attracted thousands of customers and garnered numerous awards and accolades worldwide.

Brian and Máiréad’s commitment and creativity is the driving force behind the BdeS, with creations inspired by Ireland's rich archaeological heritage and the beauty of the Dingle Peninsula.

It all started with a bench, hand tools, saws, files, a polishing machine, and a shared vision to create his stunning designs.

World-renowned and recognized for its delicate detailing, Brian de Staic Jewellery combines the skilled artistry of a modern master with the unique age-old traditions of the Celts. Brian himself personally trains his in-house team, to ensure the highest quality and elegance of each piece.

And just like Dingle’s ancient Ogham stones that overlook the Atlantic, each piece is individually hand-crafted with meaning and purpose. Making Brian de Staic jewellery one-of-a-kind. The rings, pendants and brooches aren’t just capturing a memory for you to treasure, they’re also miniature works of art.
"Among the most interesting of the craftpeople who sell their wares here (Dingle) is jeweller Brian de Staic. One very appealing item he fashions is an unusual silver necklace the shape of an Ogham stone with your name inscribed in the strokes of that Ancient Language" Frommer's Travel Guide
"Working quietly from his jewellery workshop in Dingle, Brian de Staic has built his jewellery business with the help of special Irish features on the QVC home shopping channel in the U.S." Sunday Business Post
"This is the kind of quality Irish souvenir which should appeal to visitors to this country, and it also is the kind of jewellery which any young Irish person would be happy to wear - distinctive and personal" The Irish Times
"Brian de Staic and his workshop reproduce miniature examples of Celtic art in gold and silver" Financial Times


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The Story of the Ogham Stone

The stories and stones of the Dingle Peninsula’s Celtic history are at the heart of Brian De Staic jewellery. This short video demonstrates the lineage of Irish craftsmanship, from the ancient Ogham stones to Brian de Staic’s own workshop.

Some of Our Most Popular Products on RTÉ

Some of our most popular products were showcased on RTÉ's popular today show. Included was our Fuchsia earrings, Breacadh an Lae pendant and a number of items from our Ogham collection.