February 20, 2016

Brian de Staic Jewellery is an award-winner designer who has handcrafted his original Celtic Jewelry in Dingle since 1981


Ogham Stones

Ireland's Ogham Alphabet ,
Ogham inscribed jewellery is a signature of Brian de Staic, a gift with a personal touch and an ancient significance. The main use of the Ogham alphabet hasn’t changed in almost two millennia: a personal inscription. Records of people long past make up the bulk of standing Ogham stones littered around the Dingle Peninsula. Each Ogham stone has a name.

Ogham Alphabet

The history of Ogham shows how its roots in Irish heritage go as deep as the earliest records of our language. Gaeilge Ársa, or ‘archaic Irish’ is the earliest recorded Gaelic language, handed down through time thanks to these sturdy stone inscriptions.

Ogham writing is read from the bottom up ‘as one climbs a tree’. These trees of language have stood rooted in the ground undisturbed by the worst of Irish weather, much like the people of Dingle. The names inscribed still marked on the land.

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