The Original Ogham Jewelry Collection

An original piece of Celtic Jewelry by Brian de Staic with an customized Ogham inscription makes a unique gift personal.

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  • We visited Brian de Staic's fabulous store in the lovely sea side village of Dingle last year. We fell in love with the place immediately, helped in no small part by the excellent staff at Brian de Staic's Jewelers. We purchased two beautiful rings to commemorate the most memorable holiday of our life, a men's Claddagh ring for myself and a Claddagh ring with a Connemara marble heart for my partner. The care, service and friendliness of the staff and town as a whole went beyond what we could have ever imagined.

    –Brian and Stacey , Texas

  • I have been coming to Brian de Staic's Jewelers for over 10 years, the quality of the work is unrivaled and their friendliness , knowledge and creativity has brought me back time and again. I have never come across another jewelers who have listened so attentively to my needs and continuously strive to create an amazing experience for their customers.

    –E.Hetherington , Dublin

  • I bought my wife's Claddagh engagement ring with Brian de Staic's Jewelers and was so impressed with the service and quality that I came back again with my wife to buy our matching Claddagh wedding bands. We found the friendliness and knowledge shown by the staff really stood out and seeing the workshop where all the jewelry is made was very exciting. We will certainly be calling again on our regular visits to Ireland.

    –David and Dee.

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Ogham standing stone Dingle Peninsula Ireland

The name Ogham is derived from Oghma, the Celtic God of elocution or fine speech. Ogham is an ancient linear script and is the first known written language of Ireland. The Dingle peninsula has the highest concentration of Ogham stone carvings in the world, which date back to the 4th Century.

The inspiration for Ogham certainly predates the rise of Rome. Ogham is also known as the Tree Alphabet as each letter is associated with a particular tree name which the ancient Irish held in high regard, this creates an unbroken link to an ancient culture for whom the natural world was center to their lives.

Ogham tree alphabet - Ogham Celtic Jewelry by Brian de Staic
Ogham standing stone with example of Ogham writing

The Ogham alphabet consists of groups of lines from one to five, set across a vertical stem-line. Each group represents a different letter known as Feda which means “wood” or “tree”, each line is known as a flesc or “twig” and ancient manuscripts maintain that “Ogham is climbed (i.e. read) as a tree is climbed...””

Your Ogham Jewelry will be inscribed with the personal message of your choosing

Examples Of Ogham Writing

Example of Ogham writing to incribe on Jewelry