New! Two-Toned Brian de Staic Bangles

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New! Silver and 9 karat two-toned bangle series made in 3 different symbol options. An ideal design - giving you so many styling options to wear with your favorite silver or gold jewelry. These bangles feature a center 9K yellow gold piece which works as a clasp, hooking onto the bangle wire for closure. 

Size: Standard fit / 7.5in length

From the left, the first bangle is the 'Go Deo', meaning 'forever' bangle and represented by the interlocking strands. The next option is the 'Cara' bangle, featuring the 'Cara' knot. This knot represents a special love and friendship. The last bangle is the St. Bridget's Cross, which represents protection of your home and family.


Shipping: We ship worldwide with your choice of Registered Post or FedEx

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