Aisling 'Dream' Brooch

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Metal & Carat option

The Aisling, meaning 'dream' in Irish. This original BdeS is a domed piece available as a pendant, earrings or brooch.

Size: 30mm x 21mm For white gold options, please contact us.

Aisling Is also a special genre of Garlic Poetry. Aodhagán Ó Rathaille is credited with creating the first fully developed Aisling poem (a type of coded poem where Ireland is portrayed as a beautiful woman who bewails the current state of affairs and predicts an imminent revival of fortune, usually linked to the return of a Stuart King to the English throne). This style of poetry became a standard in Ireland, where it was dangerous to speak overtly of politics, but a poem disguised as a love song could reveal the singer's and listeners' true feelings. His best-known & most popular poem is the great aisling Gile na Gile which has been called one of the miracles of Irish literature. Wearing an Aisling is connecting you with the Irish Dream!

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