Our Luxury Collection

Our Luxury Collection

Doreen Moriarty |

Brian de Staic’s Luxury collection, also known as Carraig Dubh is rare and beautiful: the natural black stone that is used in this collection is 188 million years old. Each unique piece is designed, and hand crafted in our studio on the shores of Dingle Bay, Ireland and set in 14 karat gold. 

The creative journey from rough stone to a polished smooth gemstone is a highly skilled task involving love, patience, age-old knowledge and traditional techniques. Each rough stone is intricately cut by hand in designs inspired by Dingle Peninsula’s geological heritage and the creativity of Brian de Staic himself. 

The Carraig Dubh collection is a work of art as well as beauty. It will make an elegant and precious gift for any occasion both for its protection and healing properties and its timeless beauty and originality. Every Carraig Dubh piece is a unique miniature work of art and the story behind three of our favourite pieces is explained below. 

Grá (Love) Carraig Dubh Ogham Pendant: Grá is the Gaelic word for Love, and the word is written in Ogham Script in 14 karat gold which is delicately placed on the 188-million-year-old gemstone. Brian de Staic combines two of his passions in this unique one-of-a-kind pendant: his lifetime love of the ancient Ogham Alphabet and his passion for the beauty of Carraig Dubh. Our recent blog post uncovered The History of Ogham Jewelry if you are interested in finding out more.  

Neart (Strength) Pendant: This Neart pendant is designed to give you strength to follow your instincts and to believe that anything is possible when you pull together. The natural black stone used in this collection is 188 million years old and the pendant itself is a rectangle surrounded by 14 karat gold. Each rough stone is cut by hand using specialised tools, and then the stones are polished until they are smooth. Why not treat yourself or a loved one to this beautiful Carraig Dubh piece?  

Mura’s Cross: Mura's Cross is generally believed to have been a precursor to the Irish high cross. The pendant itself is beautiful, rare and has an elegant simplicity. If you purchase one of the pendants, the packaging will include a personal note signed by the master jeweller himself, Brian de Staic.  

We would love to share more information about our Luxury Collection with you, so do not hesitate to reach out to our team or visit us in store if you have any questions.