The two things Irish monks gave us to enjoy

Kilmalkedar Celtic Church

We have a lot to thank the ancient monks for in Ireland. When they weren’t getting pillaged by marauding Vikings, they were busy preserving Irish history as we know it. They were the first to use the Latin alphabet as we now use it, Irish monks introduced a wide range of punctuation which made the alphabet easier to read, such as the idea that there should be a space between each word, rather than having all thewordsrunningtogether. These monks translated important ecclesiastic and lay texts, such as the methods for making ‘Aqua Vitae’: the ‘Water of Life’. The Irish translation of course being Uisce Beatha, from which get the word ‘Whiskey’. These men had important work to do...

On the Dingle peninsula the importance of the early church (and of whiskey) are significant. The monastic site of Kilmalkedar has a long history with the written word and the Celtic Church. The site hosts both an Ogham Stone with its archaic script, and an alphabet stone, bearing familiar Celtic style Roman alphabet. Side by side on the grounds of the Romanesque church in Kilmakledar these stones preserve a story of Irish history; how we leapt forward and made such beautiful works as the book of Kells and technical wonders like Whiskey. Inspired by all these things, Brian de Staic has produced signature Ogham Jewellery, an alphabet stone pendant, and ornate Celtic crosses based on those first made here by our long suffering monks.

See our collection of Jewellery inspired by Kilmalkedar

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