February 20, 2016

Brian de Staic Jewellery is an award-winner designer who has handcrafted his original Celtic Jewelry in Dingle since 1981

Celebrities wear Brian de Staic jewellery.

Actress and director Cecilia Peck with her Brian de Staic Aglish Pendant. 

Actress and director Cecilia Peck looked gorgeously sleek at the Emmys, accented with her Brian de Staic Aglish Pendant.

Cecilia's grandfather, Gregory Peck, had Irish roots from the area the Aglish Pillar was found.

The Aglish Pillar Stone influenced the design of our Aglish Pendant. The design is a meshing of the ancient Ogham with the Christian cross and Ogham writing.



Brian de Staic Aglish Pendant.

The pendant Cecilia wore is 14k and personalised.

Other celebrities who wear Brian de Staic jewelleryJulia Roberts, Paul Newman and Nicole Kidman.

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